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About Us

The CCM Leadership Network is an extension of The Conscious Conservative Movement, a national organization that empowers today's leaders to build social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles.

Founded in 2019 by Coach Felecia Killings, Founder of The Felecia Killings Foundation, our mission is to bring revival, reformation, and a renaissance to the communities we serve nationwide. In addition, we are committed to training Conscious Conservative leaders who will become the nation’s new leading experts in the social, political, and economic spheres.

Our Training Services

What We Do

The CCM Leadership Network provides tailored training services and group coaching offerings to leaders in various industries. Our goal is to equip each member with spiritual and practical tools to help them build and strengthen their social, political, and economic empires.

In addition, our coaching staff and guest experts work with leaders and their families to provide additional support such as homeschool training, reading and writing tutoring services, marriage support, community outreach development, and much more!

  1. The CCM Leadership Network | Thought Leadership Package: $250/month 

  2. The CCM Leadership Network | Parent Leadership Package: For $250/month

  3. The CCM Leadership Network | Ministry Leadership Package: For $250/month

  4. The CCM Leadership Network | Outreach Leadership Package: For $250/month

  5. The CCM Leadership Network | Political Leadership Package: For $250/month

  6. The CCM Leadership Network | Life Coach Leadership Package: For $250/month

  7. The CCM Leadership Network | Business Leadership Package: For $250/month

  8. The CCM Leadership Network | Marriage Training Package: For $250/month

  9. The CCM Leadership Network | Homeschool Training Package: For $250/month

  10. The CCM Leadership Network | Tutoring Service Package: For $250/month

(*See package details below for more information.)

The CCM Leadership Network: An Empowering Experience for Rising Leaders

"There aren't enough characters on Twitter to explain how Coach Felecia has influenced me politically, ideologically, spiritually, and culturally. Her work speaks for itself and as I always say, SHE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE! She is a blessing to all of us!"

- Marcus Watkins

The essence of Conscious Conservative leadership is to embody Kingdom laws and spiritual principles as an individual so our influence is most impactful in the public, private, and political squares.

Conscious Conservatism is [a demonstration of] how moral conservatism empowers us to create social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles. As leaders, our 'consciousness' stems from our awareness of spiritual laws that, when applied correctly, guarantee our success. We conserve these truths and implement these values to solve problems in our communities. And as a result of doing things this better way, we can expect better results that last for generations to come." - Coach Felecia Killings

Empowering leadership is not formed in a vacuum. Rather, it is developed over time and perfected through hardships.

To the men and women who aspire to national heights, this network will teach them how to manifest their leadership potential based on their God-given vision.

Our Sponsors and Beloved Givers

"Coach Felecia is tough but fair. Because of her training, I became known as the relationships experts in our online circle and people started reaching out to me for things I hadn't considered after following the tips from her course."

- Nicole Pinkston

The Conscious Conservative Movement is sponsored by The Felecia Killings Foundation and its Beloved Givers.

Since 2018, The Foundation has spearheaded a national movement to train new leaders in the principles of Conscious Conservatism.

In addition, it has become a leading think tank in the development of effective conservative outreach to communities suffering from Progressive politics. Using accurate historical analysis and current qualitative data, we develop publications and research reports that help inform communities about the power of conservative politics.

Thanks to our Beloved Givers who contribute $50/month each, we are able to provide FREE online community outreach services and workshops. Our network of empowering leaders share their social, political, economic, and educational insight with thousands of people. In addition, we deliver FREE training to community members in Atlanta, GA.

As a token of our appreciation for their financial support, all Beloved Givers receive “General Membership Access” to our CCM Leadership Network. Rewards include special discounts on all event tickets, special discounts for all merchandise, and monthly group Zoom calls with Coach Felecia Killings and other leaders in the network.

The CCM Leadership Network Host and Principal Coach

Felecia Killings is the Founder and CEO of The Felecia Killings Foundation, a Conscious Conservative think tank and coaching organization that trains rising leaders for full activation in the social, political, and economic spheres. Through her training hosted on her website, her podcast, her leadership network, her social media platforms, her books, and her annual leadership convention, she equips leaders with spiritual and practical tools that help them bring revival and reformation to the communities they serve.

Felecia Killings founded The Foundation in 2018 to empower rising leaders with advanced training that help them manifest their God-given purpose. She teaches her leader-clients how to develop their leadership platforms, create national movements, publish best-selling books, and perform effective outreach and evangelism so lives are changed for the better.

Felecia Killings is a best-selling author, award-winning coach, ordained minister, and communications specialist with 10+ years of experience working in media relations, publishing, and editorial development. Her keen insight has helped leaders and organizations reach millions of people with their vision, mission, brand, and core message using the power of the written and spoken word.

Felecia Killings is a powerful leadership coach to ministry leaders, community leaders, coaches, nonprofit leaders, and conservative political leaders. Her methods for equipping her clients are based on applying universal principles that guide human behavior and interaction. Her core philosophy stems from the principles of Conscious Conservatism, which include the Law of Love, the Law of Grace, the Law of Faith and Power, and much more. By implementing these values into her work and her clients' projects, she has helped elevate their brands and thought leadership to national heights.

Felecia Killings is also the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, a virtual movement that demonstrates how these spiritual laws and practical principles can be applied in the social, political, and economic spheres. Her empowering message has pierced through the conservative political space, which has brought nationwide attention to the need for more effective Black Outreach within the Republican apparatus. By using effective communication strategies that deliver political insight to Black voters and Conservatives, she proved why shifting current messaging is the #1 solution for bridging the racial gap within conservative politics.

In 2022, her research and strategies informed Republican leadership at the state and national level. During Georgia’s gubernatorial race, she helped solidify a conservative victory by effectively marketing conservative politics to Georgia’s Black voters. As such, Felecia has become a top communications and political strategist, whose insight has been featured on independent and mainstream media outlets. She has appeared on prime time shows including FOX Primetime, FOX and Friends, the New York Post, FOX Digital, Red State, Sonnie’s Corner, The Victory Channel, Cross Country with Lawrence B. Jones, the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, News Nation, Scripps News, and many more.

As a graduate of The University of California, Davis, Felecia Killings holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with double majors in English and African American Studies. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Education.

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