Welcome to The CCM Leadership Network

Empowering a new breed of Conservative Leaders ready to do things God's way so we get better results

Welcome, Beloved, to the CCM Leadership Network!

I am Coach Felecia Killings, Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement (CCM) and our CCM Leadership Training and Development Program.

In January 2019, I launched this Movement because of my passion to see authentic conservatism tailored to Black communities suffering from Progressivism. In addition, I recognized the need for empowering leadership development among rising Conservative Leaders who were ready to get results based on doing things God's way.

"The essence of Conscious Conservatism is to demonstrate how moral conservatism empowers us to create social, political, and economic empires based on Kingdom principles. As Conservatives, our 'consciousness' stems from our awareness of spiritual laws that, when applied correctly, guarantee our success. As Conscious Conservatives, we conserve these truths and implement these values to solve problems in our communities. And as a result of doing things this better way, we can expect better results that last for generations to come.

Since that time, this Movement has quickly grown into the premiere powerhouse that brings authentic conservatism to Black communities nationwide while helping Conservatives build alliances in these areas.

And today, under my leadership, the Conscious Conservative Movement has become the #1 conservative organization delivering solid conservative victories using effective Black Outreach. In addition, we're the #1 training hub for Conservative Leaders who want to activate their political platforms on a local, state, or national level.

"When we learn to do things God's way, we always get His results." - Coach Felecia Killings

Since my Movement's launch, my message has impacted millions of people online by proving how Kingdom laws and spiritual principles can be injected in our social, political, and economic spaces. 

I have been featured on FOX News, Sonnie's Corner, RedState, the New York Post, and more, making the Conscious Conservative Movement a mainstream emblem in the political space.

And I want to teach you, Beloved, how you can do the same (and MORE!) when you learn spiritual and practical lessons for building your platform and delivering your God-inspired message into this conservative space.

The Conscious Conservative Movement Leadership Training and Development Network

Our CCM Leadership Network provides my clients weekly empowering content that helps them better understand conservative principles, authentic Black History, strategies for effective outreach, leadership development, and tools for developing their branded political platforms.

Our vision is to equip 3,000 rising leaders every year through our virtual training hub who will focus on key issues in the social, political, and economic spheres. By developing each client as a subject matter expert and thought leader, we will infuse Conscious Conservatism into all facets of the American life so communities learn how to prosper.

"I equip rising leaders to carry this empowering message to their local communities. For I know when each person functions in his or her respective calling, we will witness the greatest revival, reformation, and renaissance our nation has ever seen."

Our community and client memberships deliver an exclusive, premium experience you won't find anywhere else.

As a member, you will:

  • Connect with like-minded Conservative Leaders, strengthening your network and increasing your personal and professional influence
  • Gain support in your mission from community members who also uphold the importance of establishing leadership based on faith values
  • Learn from insightful workshops, discussions, and experiences shared within the community, thereby enriching your understanding and approach towards ruling with God-centered values
  • Learn how to apply spiritual laws and Kingdom principles for optimal success

  • Learn how to establish and launch your own social, political, or economic virtual empire

  • Learn how to effectively run for office based on a successful communications plan

  • Learn how to perform effective outreach to sell conservatism locally

  • Learn how to become an effective public speaker who delivers the values of Conscious Conservatism in independent and mainstream media

  • Learn how to walk in leadership boldly and fearlessly

  • Learn how to build an expansive online platform to help educate and empower other Conservatives

  • Learn how to generate income for your work using book publishing and the donations-based business model so you commit to your calling part-time or full-time

  • Learn how to handle hardships, challenges, smear campaigns, and more as local, state, or federal leader

  • And so much more!

"There aren't enough characters on Twitter to explain how Coach Felecia has influenced me politically, ideologically, spiritually, and culturally. Her work speaks for itself and as I always say, SHE IS A NATIONAL TREASURE! She is a blessing to all of us!

- Marcus Watkins

Join the CCM Leadership Network!

If you desire to walk in your calling as a political leader, then join our leadership network today.

For just $50/month, you will receive:

  • The CCM Weekly Leadership Workshops ($500/month value): Engage in my LIVE training video series every Saturday (or watch all replays), which delve deeply into the principles and methods of Kingdom-based leadership. You will learn practical principles for launching your political platform that will help you gain notoriety and thought leadership in this conservative space. In addition, your access comes with new editions of The Conscious Conservative Book Collection. As a continual member, you will receive each new edition of all 5 eBooks at no additional cost to you.
  • The CCM Leadership Convention Discount Code (10% OFF): Attend my annual leadership convention every year in Atlanta, GA. Our exclusive, 3-day event provides the perfect opportunity to meet and network with our community. This event offers hands-on, practical training from leading experts in conservative politics, including names such as Sonnie Johnson, Kevin Daniels, Kelvin and Janelle King, and many others. In addition, each year I host the Great Debate where you will learn how to effectively win on the battlefield of ideas and sell conservatism effectively in your community.
  • The Write Conservative Publishing Package Discount Code (10% OFF): Book publishing is the #1 method for establishing your political thought leadership in this conservative space. As an author, you will inevitably open new doors of opportunities with your book, and The Write Conservative Publishing Package contains everything you need to become a published author in 90 days.

"Felecia Killings is a dynamic motivational speaker and evangelist for the principles of Conscious Conservatism."

"One of her goals is to train and equip others to spread the message of Conscious Conservatism into all aspects of life, business, and government. Killings is also brutal about holding Conservatism’s feet to the fire when Conscious Conservative principles, rather than the typical talking points or pandering, win the argument." - - Jennifer Oliver O'Connell, Contributing Writer of RedState 

Beloved, Don't Delay!

Join the CCM Leadership Network today and get started on your empowering journey.

See you inside, Beloved!

Help Support the Conscious Conservative Movement’s Black Outreach

The Conscious Conservative Movement is comprised of men and women from across the nation who are bringing the empowering message to their communities. Our grassroots work has successfully helped thousands of Black voters understand the benefits of conservative politics, which helps increase support for conservative candidates running in various elections.

Our most effective selling points to Black voters have been:

  1. Practicing Dual (Political) Domination
  2. Obtaining Political Access on the Right
  3. Engaging in School Choice Options and Black Homeschooling Services
  4. Building Stronger Black Marriages and Families through Black Conservative Training
  5. And Building New Black Wall Streets with Conservative Politics to Protect Their Rising Black Wealth

Education, empowerment, and fellowship have been key factors to our success. We not only deliver insight to Black voters, but we also teach Conservatives how to break down the racial barriers and expand the tent with fellow Americans who want to remove Progressivism's stronghold.

This is effective Black Outreach. This is the winning blueprint for conservative victories. And the CCM is the grassroots machine that makes it happen.

To donate towards our movement, visit our fundraising campaign today. We offer special rewards for each Beloved Giver.

About Coach Felecia Killings and Her Organizations

Felecia Killings is the Founder of Coach Felecia Killings Omnimedia, Inc., a diversified media, coaching, consulting, and publishing company that teaches leaders and non-profit organizations how to manifest their visions in the social, political, and economic spheres. With 10+ years of experience working in media relations, publishing, and editorial development, she has become a nationally-recognized Communications Specialist whose keen insight has helped leaders and organizations reach millions of people with their vision, mission, brand, and core message.

Felecia is the Founder of My Beloved Women's and Girls' Ministry and My Beloved Women's Leadership Training and Development Program. As an Award-Winning Coach and Ordained Minister, she provides transforming life coaching services to women who are ready to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. In addition, her ministry teaches women how to flourish in business, ministry, motherhood, and marriage.

Felecia is also the Founder of The Conscious Conservative Movement, a national political work that bridges the gap between Conservatives and Black voters. She is the #1 strategist for national and statewide conservative victories using effective Black Outreach. Her efforts during the 2022 midterm election and Georgia's gubernatorial race helped solidify a strong win by employing best communications practices for selling conservatism in urban areas. She extends this training to rising political leaders through her leadership development and book-publishing coaching program: The CCM Leadership Training and Development Program and The Write Conservative Coaching Program. She is also the Founder of The Felecia Killings Foundation, a forthcoming non-profit organization that engages in research and development to help shape critical conservative policies that benefit Black communities.

Felecia is a Motivational Speaker, host of Twitter Class Podcast, and a nationally-recognized political commentator, sharing her insight with millions of Conservatives via mainstream and independent outlets. She has been featured on primetime shows including FOX Primetime, FOX and Friends, the New York Post, FOX Digital, Red State, Sonnie’s Corner, Victory News Media, Cross Country with Lawrence B. Jones, the Dinesh D’Souza Podcast, News Nation, and many more. She is the Senior Writer of My Beloved Publications, her daily newsletter that curates top articles from industry experts who focus on empowering leaders and non-profit organizations in the social, political, and economic spheres.

As a graduate of The University of California, Davis, Felecia holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with double majors in English and African American Studies. She also holds a Master of Arts degree in Education. Her career ambitions are to continue working with leaders and their organizations who are dedicated to solving problems for millions of people in the social, political, and economic spheres. Non-profit organizations looking for a prolific Communications Specialist can hire her services today.

Finally, with all she has accomplished, Felecia's greatest joy is being the mother to Aaliyah Amore, the inspiration backing her national work.

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